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Sitemaps 101

Benefits of and Tips on Designing a Sitemap

Have you ever wondered how a search engine works? It must be fascinating figuring out how this search tool could direct you to several websites that are relevant to your keywords. Or, have you experienced instances where the link that supposedly contains your keywords is not exactly what you have in mind? You would probably think that there must be something wrong with the search engine that it generated irrelevant results.

How does a search engine work?
Two things figure greatly in making search engines work effectively and efficiently: the electronic search spider and the sitemap.

What is a sitemap?
A sitemap is basically a page or pages that serve/s as a directory by listing all the links to all documents and files found in a website. It is not merely a random listing of links, but organized in such a way that it gives the web user an idea of how all the information that can be found in the site fits into an outline or framework. It is like viewing the table of contents of a book, or viewing the “concept map” of the site’s content.

What is a spider?
In SEO language, spider is not an animal found in your closet. This electronic search spider is actually a bot which collects data and copies content to be stored in the search engine’s database when keywords are fed into the search dialogue box. The spider reads the content of the site and sends another bot to follow the links and copy the content contained in them.

What purpose does a sitemap serve?
A sitemap like any other map gives directions to a navigator. It primarily targets search engine spiders so that they are properly directed to your site and to the links where keywords entered in the search dialogue appears. As such, it is actually a useful tool in search engine optimization. A well organized site map would guide the spider to find the information it needs when keywords are entered during a search operation.

As an additional beneficial consequence, sitemaps have proven to be useful even to web users. Since a sitemap displays all the links to information found in a website, it helps the user to search for a particular topic in mind. Many users also use the sitemap to navigate between pages in a site.

What are the benefits of having a sitemap for my website?

1. No page would be left unturned
Going back to the purpose of sitemaps, having one would mean faster and easier tracking and crawling of spiders all over your site. As a result, search engines would surely get to the view all the pages of your site and not just the pages containing random keywords.

2. Easier navigation for site visitors
Once a web user has accessed your sitemap, they need not go back to the search engine page to look for what they need. If what they are looking for is in your site, then they would have an easier and faster way of locating it.

3. Potential advertising value
If it so happens that a relevant product or service company reaches your site, then it would be easier for them to see how best they can position themselves in the different pages of your site as a paid page advertisement.

4. Encourage greater traffic to your site
If your company website has a sitemap then potential buyers would have an easier time in accessing your latest products and services. Moreover, they would not miss out on any product that might be off future interest to them since the sitemap would display all information found the site.

How are sitemaps formatted?
There are at least three major types of sitemaps: indexed, full categorical, and restricted categorical. An indexed site map appears as an alphabetical listing or directory.
A full categorical map displays all links classified into categories; while a restricted categorical sitemap displays all links listed in a chosen category at a time. The full and restricted sitemaps are very similar except that the former displays all links in all categories all at once in a page, while the latter focuses only the links under the selected category for easier and less eye-straining viewing.

The most widely used format is the full categorical. Based on the results of a 1999 SURL study on sitemap designs, the full categorical format is most preferred by users since it is easier to search for topics within the site and it allows easier comparison between and among categories.

Some tips in setting up your sitemap

1. Link the sitemap only to your homepage.
This is to ensure that the spider starts searching from your homepage down to all the pages listed in your sitemap. In this way, no page would be left unvisited by the spider.

2. Do not go beyond 30 pages for a sitemap.
Large websites having 50 or more pages should not go beyond 30 since this adds more pages to the site, and might make search engines think that the sitemap is a link farm. Also, this prevents overcrowding of links which could be tiring to view.

3. Check all the links listed in your sitemap.
It can be discouraging when you click on a link only to find out that nothing is displayed. Test your sitemap; click all links in every page to make sure that all links are indeed linked to the right page.

4. Give keyword-rich titles to sitemap links.
Keyword-rich titles give your site more advantage in being searched properly under the right category. But be sure to have this sitemap link linked back to the sitemap (e.g. back to sitemap).

5. Provide a short description for the links in the sitemap.
Doing so would give readers a better idea of what to find in the link and save them time on surfing.

6. Be consistent in designing your sitemap with the other pages of the site.
Employ a recurring design and the same HTML template for all pages to establish identity and build character to your website.

Now that you have learned basic things about sitemaps, maybe it is time for you to build one for your site.

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BMX Bicycle Ideal for Fitness Freaks

A BMX bicycle is easy to maneuver as it is light in weight. It is an extreme sports ideal for fitness and BMX is designed mainly for high intensity riding and short distance. Thus, activating several minor and major muscles is essential to ensure proper handling.

The major muscles are the glutes composing your buttocks area and this has the functions extending the hip. Action performed by moving your thigh while riding a BMX is helpful. The quadriceps is on the thighs front and these muscles also get activated on performing knee extension and hip flexion. Moving your thigh to your stomach implies hip flexion and knee extension is on straightening your legs.

The hamstrings on the thighs back also activate the muscles when you are on a BMX and you flex your knee and extend your hip. On bending and moving up your knee the knee flexion occurs.

The ab comprises of the rectus abdominis, the large muscle, the transverse abdominis, located inside the stomach and obliques positioned outside the rectus. These three muscle groups work forcefully as you jump and pedal on a BMX.

Calves at the lower leg back function while riding a BMX. Biceps muscles, erector spine and triceps also function in extending the elbows on a BMX.

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Brazil Butt Lift Workouts

Shape, lift, and firm your behind with Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift Workout. The world’s top supermodels work out with Leandro, the “Brazilian Butt Master,” and you can too with his in-home DVD fitness program. Watch the aired TV commercial below

Real customers reviews from Amazon:

I have never written a review before today but, the person who rated this program as 1 star inspired me to. I have been an exercise enthusist for 2 1/2 years now and this program is one of the best. I’ve never done any beach body stuff before. Got this program 3 weeks ago and have already dropped 2 sizes in my slacks. It’s not easy by any means so if you’re not willing to work hard and stay with it, don’t buy it! Three weeks in and I’m still sore daily (in a good way)! I haven’t even allowed myself to “graduate” to using the exercise band and ankle weights and I’ve rescuplted many parts of my body more so than any other program I’ve done in 2 years. If you want something different and fun and have the bonus of a great “bum” then this is the program. This program is tuff, the energy is inspiring and the direction is spot on. If you truly want to change the way you feel and look and are willing to work hard, get this program!

Don’t get me wrong, this system is a great workout. I definitely felt the burn! However, some of the moves may be a little too advanced for some who are not familiar with yoga or pilates. Some of the moves are not eased into enough so that you don’t throw your back out! For example, there is a backbend at the end of the Tummy Tuck DVD that could be dangerous for some who are not as limber. Overall, this is a high intensity workout (even the basics’s DVD) that could potentially transform your rear end. Also, you must somewhat practice some of the workouts before you can jump into the whole routine. I say this because the workouts are pretty fast paced and you could be hastily doing some of the movements just to keep up…and this is how you get hurt.

I bought this work out solely because I have another product from Beach Body and loved it AND because I really wanted to get a great butt before our Florida vacation in early June. I have been doing the workouts now for 4 weeks and I am already seeing awesome results! I am 33 years old, 5’1″, and weighed about 130 when I started. I did the 6 day Super Model Slim Down the first week (comes with the workouts) and it did a great job of taking off a few pounds. I now weigh 125. The slim down was very easy to do the food was really good and I could find most everything in my local grocery. The work outs are a lot of fun. The Axe took some time to figure out but it is a blast to do! Leahandro keeps everything up beat and I love all the encouragement he spouts often throughout the workouts. He has this great Brazilian accent but it is not hard to understand what he is saying. I also love that this program doesn’t just work your butt but your entire body. The Booty Blueprint is great as well. It helps you figure out how to target the problem areas of your butt. I’m excited to see what my body will look like by the time June comes. I know my husband already can’t keep his hands off the results I’ve seen so far. All in all I am very satisfied with this product. Thanks Beach Body!

If you want your butt more firm and perky, legs toned and elongated, and abs looking better than what you have now, this is the DVD for you! I do not work for Beachbody and actually hate exercise DVD’s cause I have ADD and can’t bear to watch them as I get bored. But this totally changed my butt and legs! I would recommend this to anyone who has problems getting their butt and legs perfect for bikini season. And the instructor’s accent is really hilarious and he makes me smile, so not at all annoying.



Honey and Weight Loss: Go Hand in Hand

Honey has been always associated with weight loss and considered a smarter choice or a better alternative to sugar. The health benefits honey offers is much more than just weight loss. Honey is packed with a wide variety of minerals and 22 amino acids that aid in digestion and metabolism. It is said that just about 2 tablespoons contains 700 cal of energy, which is readily available to the body. This is almost 60% less than the calorie content of same amount of sugar. The glucose in honey is absorbed immediately giving an instant boost in energy. The fructose is absorbed slowly supplying energy over a period of time.

Comparatively, sugar does not contain any minerals or vitamins or any kind of nutrient. It is totally calories and rightly termed as ‘empty calories’. So, for the sugar to be metabolised, the body uses vitamins and minerals derived from other food sources. If the nutrients are not available in the body, it metabolizes cholesterol and fatty acids thus increasing their quantity. When the sugar intake is uncontrollably high, heart complications and obesity might result. Now there is an interesting weight loss supplement called Beelite Naturally which is uses honey as  primary ingredient.

New Web Tool for Google PageRank Checking

The website name is actually the same name as their website – Check Page Rank Free or a.k.a.,

The web tool – or actually set of tools – is from, a web development, SEO and social media company.  The tools aren’t necessarily new but they’re useful, tastefully done and actually quite good.  It doesn’t hurt that they’re also free.

It’s quite clear from the website name what it is the website attempts to provide and that’s pretty much everything it does.  It sets a goal, works towards that goal and hits it pretty dead on center.

The first use of the website is a simple but nice piece of functionality that lets you do really just one thing – you type in the name of a blog, website, page, URL etc… and you get returned the Google PageRank of that site, URL etc…  There’s a feature they incorporated where you have to answer a simple CAPTCHA arithmetic question in order to get your PageRank answer.  This is primarily to prevent bulk and/or abusive use of the functionality by robots or other malicious users.

Easy embed code available!

If you’d like to place  PR checking functionality on your own site they provide a way for you to do that too.  Basically, you cut and paste a simple piece of code – following their instructions – and, you now basically have the same functionality they do.  You can check Page Rank from your own site and others can check their page ranking from your site too.  Neat, simple and useful.

What’s actually the most interesting piece of functionality is what we’ll call their ‘dynamic page rank icons’.  These are nicely elegant and neutrally designed to fit the ‘décor’ of most websites seamlessly and without being aesthetically obtrusive.  They’re dynamic in the sense that the functionality provides the proper logo depending on whether your site is PR 2, PR 3 or whatever.  If your PR goes up (or, down), your logo gets updated correctly without any work on your part – or, on the part of your webmaster.

Of course, if you have a PR 0 there’s generally not much of a good reason to be advertising that – except maybe for your own viewing benefit and as a motivator to do better.  But, many websites that have spent some time out in the ether putting in their work and time will have better PR’s – and, sometimes it’s nice to show off a little.  Putting showing off aside though – it is undoubtedly in one’s best interest to be trusted if one is to earn more visitors, more commerce or whatever one is attempting to do with one’s website – and, showing a nice and rising PageRank is one way to get others to trust you – to continue to visit your site and to purchase from it, if that is what you do.

Give them a try and leave a comment letting us know what you think 🙂


What Is Google Panda?

Google Panda was first released on February 24th, 2011, ever since it came out it has been the topic the main topic of discussion among Naples SEO professionals. When it was first established it decreased the traffic of many websites by around eighty percent. Most people do not realize it but Panda is quiet effective and has made Google more popular than ever. What it does it is removes the affiliate sites and keeps the longer articles to provide quality material to the public.

If you are an SEO expert that is writing great content then your website rankings are bound to improve greatly. Due to this individuals are able to get access to genuine information and do not have to look through many web pages to find the information that they need. Spam websites are being eliminated due to Google Panda and has made research a lot easier. What Panda does is it arranges innovative websites at the top of Page Rank and put the ones that that are unimportant at the bottom. It does not eliminate the sites instead it just puts them at a lower rank.

Due to Panda many news sites and social networking sights became listed on top and the ones that have lot of advertisement lost their rankings. When it was first released many complaints were filed by those that had lost traffic on their websites due to the creation of Panda. Ever since it has been on the Internet there have been many updates that have taken place in order to improve the quality of Google Panda. In order to help those that want to stay on top of rankings Google released a blog to show the public what kind of quality a website needs. The blog had twenty-three points that informed the individuals about what a good website should contain. Google Panda was developed by Navneet Panda and his main goal was to find a way to rate websites according to design, speed, and great content. Panda is updated quite a lot in order to stay in link with the modern technology.

For those that copy other individuals work on the internet then you should not expect that content to stay online for long because Panda will discard it. This affects the site’s rankings rather than focusing on individual pages on a website. Due to this websites establishment many content robbers have been caught and are afraid to put irrelevant material on the internet. Panda is a innovation that has made a great breakthrough and has helped to make research a lot easier. Due to this creation we are able to go to websites without having to deal irrelevant information and ads. We are now able to conduct safer researches and get the content that we need in a shorter period of time. Google Panda has made it difficult for those SEO spammers to get information out on the web that is unimportant and has no quality. It helps those out that are actually trying to get accurate information and improves a websites PageRank.

About the author: Corey Davis Philipski is a part of the “A” team at TAG Media Group, a web design Naples FL company.


About Phen375 Fat Burner

Most diet pills do not allow people with different health conditions to use their products. These include children, the aged, and people with certain health complications. The health conditions listed usually consist of heart complications, blood pressure problems, thyroid disease, sexual disorders, diabetes, and hypertension among other serious conditions. Even the most effective diet pills offer this recommendation.

Phen375 fat burner is one of the most popular and effective diet pills. It also has very few and mild side effects. However, people with the mentioned conditions are not supposed to take the famous slimming pills. Although the manufacturer does not exactly recommend abstinence from the pills, it is recommended that the advice of the doctor should be sought before taking them. Visit to purchase your pack.