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Man Boobs Exercises – The Crossover

One of the best ways to reduce your man boobs (or moobs) is to do specific chest exercises. This kind of exercise targets your chest fat, can reduce it and also develop your pectoral muscles and improve how your chest looks.One of the most common and better man boobs exercises is the pulley crossover. Yet most guys don’t see the potential of this exercise and don’t use the different versions of it.


So here is how you should use the pulley cross over to reduce your man boobs:

1. Regular motion – grab both pulley handles. Lean forward slightly while remaining standing and gradually cross both arms before you in a downward motion. Make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent at all times. Alternate between both hands for top position in the crossing movement. Return your hands back to your side until you can feel your pectoral muscles stretch. Repeat the exercise 8-15 times.

2. Center version – This version is basically the same exercise but instead of crossing your hands in a downward motion, you need to do this at the height of your chest. This works a different muscle part of the pecs than the previous version.

3. Upper motion – To do this version of the crossover, you must bring your hands in an upward motion (starting position is both hands near your thighs) and cross them before your chest.

Alternate between all 3 versions at each workout as each version works a slightly different part of the pectoral muscles. Don’t settle for just this exercise. Do it with another chest exercise like the bench chest press or the push-up to create a complete chest workout.

Taking Gynectrol Supplement

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Surprising Fact! 1000’s women undergo breast augmentation surgery in the world to enhance their breast size!

You should know that while doing exercises for man boobs can reduce them somewhat and improve how your chest looks, it will likely not be enough to eliminate them entirely.

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