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What Is Google Panda?

Google Panda was first released on February 24th, 2011, ever since it came out it has been the topic the main topic of discussion among Naples SEO professionals. When it was first established it decreased the traffic of many websites by around eighty percent. Most people do not realize it but Panda is quiet effective and has made Google more popular than ever. What it does it is removes the affiliate sites and keeps the longer articles to provide quality material to the public.

If you are an SEO expert that is writing great content then your website rankings are bound to improve greatly. Due to this individuals are able to get access to genuine information and do not have to look through many web pages to find the information that they need. Spam websites are being eliminated due to Google Panda and has made research a lot easier. What Panda does is it arranges innovative websites at the top of Page Rank and put the ones that that are unimportant at the bottom. It does not eliminate the sites instead it just puts them at a lower rank.

Due to Panda many news sites and social networking sights became listed on top and the ones that have lot of advertisement lost their rankings. When it was first released many complaints were filed by those that had lost traffic on their websites due to the creation of Panda. Ever since it has been on the Internet there have been many updates that have taken place in order to improve the quality of Google Panda. In order to help those that want to stay on top of rankings Google released a blog to show the public what kind of quality a website needs. The blog had twenty-three points that informed the individuals about what a good website should contain. Google Panda was developed by Navneet Panda and his main goal was to find a way to rate websites according to design, speed, and great content. Panda is updated quite a lot in order to stay in link with the modern technology.

For those that copy other individuals work on the internet then you should not expect that content to stay online for long because Panda will discard it. This affects the site’s rankings rather than focusing on individual pages on a website. Due to this websites establishment many content robbers have been caught and are afraid to put irrelevant material on the internet. Panda is a innovation that has made a great breakthrough and has helped to make research a lot easier. Due to this creation we are able to go to websites without having to deal irrelevant information and ads. We are now able to conduct safer researches and get the content that we need in a shorter period of time. Google Panda has made it difficult for those SEO spammers to get information out on the web that is unimportant and has no quality. It helps those out that are actually trying to get accurate information and improves a websites PageRank.

About the author: Corey Davis Philipski is a part of the “A” team at TAG Media Group, a web design Naples FL company.


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